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How to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure [Infographics]

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WordPress is the easiest and most powerful website content management system that offers the largest self-hosted blogging platform to millions of people worldwide.

With numerous capabilities, WordPress provides a host of features that makes it easy to build professional and user-friendly websites. WordPress is also deployed to create an online store.

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Top 20 Popular WordPress Plugins

It is so easy to create or migrate your website to wordpress. It can be as elaborate as you want it through the use of plugins. These miniature applications can do everything from improving your search engine results to adding more flare to the comment section.

Plugins can offer the website greater versatility while engaging visitors. This can help boost popularity and increase the likelihood of return visits from those that find your content useful. The top 20 most utilized WordPress plugins focus more on improving overall functionality, but the list for other features is quite extensive.

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